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A status effect in Darkfire Heroes is a temporary change to a hero or creature that can improve (called a buff) or hinder (called a debuff) the target's performance in battle. They can usually be identified by a visual representation on the heroes on the battlefield, as well as a icon on their portrait.


Status effects usually have a name, like Dazed or Slowed and an icon applied to the hero's portrait, and can come from a variety of places - a hero's primary power, their skills, their equipment, and your spells. Some status effects aren't named (and have no icon) and instead are just things that can happen to you. An example is being on fire.

The ways heroes apply buffs and debuffs are many and varied, and impossible to adequately cover in this space. For that reason, only the sources are supplied here. For details on how the hero or spell applies a status effect, view the hero's or spell's page.

Equipment applies a status effect to the victim of a critical hit scored by the hero wearing the equipment.

Important Rules[]

Status effects have rules that regulate how they interact with each other and themselves.

1) Repeat Resets* - This means that if you repeat the same named status effect, the duration resets to that of the new source - it is not added to the existing duration. An example would be Jabare having 2 seconds of the Enraged buff remaining from her hero power when the Rage spell with a 4 second duration is cast on her. She would then have Enraged for 4 seconds from when the spell is cast, not 6 seconds.

*Technically, the longer duration is kept. Usually that's the new source, but if the old source had a longer remaining duration than the new source, it would keep the old one's duration.

2) Same Doesn't Stack - This means that if two sources provide the same named buff or debuff, the target only gets the benefit once. An example would be if Jabare used her hero power and then the Rage spell was also cast, both of which apply the Enraged buff. (Enraged increases damage and attack speed by 50%.) Anyone affected by both would still only have the benefit of the buff once, with damage and attack speed increased by 50% - not by any other value.

3) Similar Stack Sequentially - Some buffs and debuffs are not the same, but affect the same things. When this happens, the second application applies to the modified value of the first. An example would be Dazed and Chilled, which both reduce movement speed to 50%. If both are applied to the same target, the movement speed is reduced to 25% - base speed with a value of 1, then to 50% of that and then to 50% of that again (or 1 x .5 x .5 = .25).

4) Some Frozen Food Thought - This is just so that you remember SFFT, and know which F means Frozen :) Some debuffs prevent heroes from taking some or all actions, which are Stunned, Frozen, Frightened, and Trapped - SFFT. Why is this important? These debuffs take priority over other debuffs, and in exactly the order mentioned. For example, if you have a hero that is Frightened and then apply Frozen on them, the hero will be Frozen (and show the Frozen animation in the battlefield and icon on their portrait.) If you have a hero that is Frozen, and apply Frightened to them, they will still be Frozen (instead of running around Frightened) until the Frozen duration expires.

Named Statuses[]

Below are all of the named status effects, along with their hero portrait icon and in-game sources.


Icon healingcurse.png

Anti-Heal is a debuff that prevents the target from healing.

Sources of Anti-Heal are:


Icon chilled.png

Chilled is a debuff that decreases the movement speed of the target to 50% and damage to 80%.

Sources of Chilled are:

  • Hero Powers - none
  • Hero Skills Elen, Hagin
  • Spell - none
  • Equipment - none


Icon daze.png

Dazed is a debuff that decreases both the movement speed and attack speed of targets to 50%.

Sources of Dazed are:

Debuff Immunity[]

Icon removedebuff.png

Debuff Immunity is a buff that removes all debuffs from the target and makes them immune to future debuffs for the duration of the Debuff Immunity effect.

Sources of Debuff Immunity are:


Icon rage.png

Enraged is a buff that increases damage and attack speed by 50%.

Sources of Enraged are:


Icon fortitude.png

Fortitude is a buff that doubles the base values for Damage and Defense of a hero.

Sources of Fortitude are:


Icon frightened.png

Frightened is a debuff that prevents auto-attacks and hero powers. Frightened creatures will move in random directions.

Sources of Frightened are:


Icon frozen.png

Frozen is a debuff that prevents the frozen hero or monster from attacking, moving, or using powers. While Frozen and Stunned do the same thing, Frozen duration is more significantly reduced by the target's Protection score.

Sources of Frozen are:


Icon protected.png

Protected is a buff that makes the target invulnerable to damage. Debuffs can still affect Protected heroes.

Sources of Protected are:


Icon revenge.png

Revenge is a buff that inflicts 100% of an attacker's damage back to them. The amount reflected is the true amount, and not the amount dealt to your hero (that is to say, the amount before damage reduction from Defense or Protection.)

Sources of Revenge are:


Icon slow.png

Slowed is a debuff that reduces the movement speed of slowed targets down to 30% of their normal speed.

Sources of slowed are:


Icon stunned.png

Stunned is a debuff that prevents the stunned hero or monster from attacking, moving, or using powers. While Stunned and Frozen do the same thing, Stunned duration is not as heavily impacted by the target's Protection score.

Sources of Stunned are:


Icon trapped.png

Trapped is a debuff that prevents the trapped hero or monster from moving or using Hero Powers that move the hero (like Otho's ground pound), although it can still attack. Trapped targets also take 50% extra damage from all attacks. Trapped is heavily reduced by the target's Protection score.

Sources of trapped are:


Icon vampirism.png

Vampirisim is a buff that enables the hero with it to heal when they deal damage. The amount healed is 100% of the damage dealt. (This is not the same as heroes that have an ability that drains life.)

Sources of Vampirism are:

  • Hero Powers Kataryn
  • Hero Skills - none
  • Spells - none
  • Equipment - none


Icon vulnerable.png

Vulnerable is a debuff that makes enemies take additional damage. A target that is vulnerable takes 50% more damage whenever it takes damage.

Sources of Vulnerable are:


Icon weaken.png

Weakened is a debuff that reduces the amount of damage a hero or monster will inflict with auto-attacks and Hero Powers by 50%.

Sources of Weakened are:

Unnamed Statuses[]


Ignite is a hero skill that applies an "on fire" debuff that deals damage over time to the target. The damage is 40 damage over 4 seconds at level 1 (4 ticks of 10 damage), up to 212 damage at level 25.

Sources of "on fire" are:


Regenerate is a buff that heals the target for a certain amount over a certain time, usually determined by the source of the regenerate ability.

Sources of Regenerate are:

  • Hero Powers - none
  • Hero Skills Aul, Varnar
  • Spells - none
  • Equipment - none